Advantages at a glance 


  1. profoundly solid construction and low wear and tear components guarantee the already legendary durability of all Angled Lifts by Bocker. 

  2. With a lifting speed of up to 60 m / min and achievable heights of up to 57 meters, Bocker Construction Lifts guarantee maximum efficiency and highest economical performance. 

  3. A wide range of appliances offers an ideal and tailor made choice for any operational purpose. 

  4. Custom accessories and load carrying devices truly suitable for every and any purpose. 

  5. Continuous development and careful product care are always the guarantor for the deciding technical advance in comparison with the common level technology. 

  6. Chassis made from high tensile fine grain construction steel- 100,00km of successful continuous test trials. 

  7. Integrated lighting with additional brake light and rear light at the rail package. 

  8. Swivelling  supports also serve as a lateral buffer.