Universal Metal Shear


Cuts step and seams with a good curve ability. 

Minimum radius 45mm/ 1.75" 

Maximum Cutting Capacity:

  • Steel: 400 N/mm'
  • Stainless Steel: 600 N/mm
  • Aluminum: 250 N/mm

Plastic Shear


Fuzz and dust free. Set of blocks for straight cutting of corrugated plastics. 

Max Cutting Capacity:

  • PVC, ABS, PP, Etc. 3 mm/ 10 ga
  • Polyester, GFK, Formica, Etc. 2 mm/ 14 ga
  • Board, Etc. 5 mm
  • Tightest radius: 175 mm/ 7"

Metal Stud & Stainless Steel Shear


Heavy duty metal shear for cutting stainless steel. The metal shear for steel studs up to 2 mm, 14 ga. Ideal for stainless steel workshops. 

Max cutting capacity:

  • Steel: 400 N/mm
  • Stainless steel: 600 N/mm
  • Aluminum: 250 N/mm

Seam Metal Shear 


Ideal for cutting multiple seams on:

  • spiral ducting 
  • Roof and wall claddings
  • Through six times folded double lock and Pittsburg seams at the ridge or gutter
  • Mesh and wire
  • Painted and coated aluminum
  • Sheet metal
  • Stainless steel, copper, and zinc