Bocker HD K Series 

HD K Series Construction Hoists reach from 68’ to 121’.  The integrated knee joint of the HD-K series has been the most distinctive feature of these lifts. It is infinitely variable between 20° and 45° in order to lift up construction materials onto pitched roofs without any problems. Having a maximum lifting height of up to 36 meters, hardly any roof is too high. Thanks to a maximum payload of 270 kg/595lbs, will not have to face any unexpected surprises during your daily work. The models of the HD-K series reach carriage speeds of up to 200ft/min and therefore ensure quick working on-site. Of course, HD-K lifts benefit significantly from the long-lasting experience of Bocker in the field of construction lift technology. Like no other lift, these models have been continuously modified and offer an unsurpassed combination of durability and sophisticated technology. The robust design and the wear-resistant components turn the HD-K into an honest partner which ensures maximum reliability in the everyday-work on construction sites. Attachments for Tear-off the patented BUR SYSTEM, Tile platform, Universal Platform, Panels, Roll-in platform for safe loading and unloading of tools & supplies, tipping bucket for rock are available.