Leasing With NA Bocker

We are proud to announce that we have joined with several national leasing companies, making the Bocker Hoist and several other pieces of equipment available to you. 

If you choose to lease a Hoist, the economics of leasing are profound. Doing so will accomplish one of two things for your company:

1. You will be able to reduce your workforce by least three people, increasing bottom line profits. 

2. You will be able to bid on more jobs, increasing your bottom line profits. 

Please review the cost analysis below and see how dramatically the profits will increase through leasing.

Enter your own payroll numbers showing how a lease would directly improve your financial condition. 

Pay per Employee $ 14 per hour

(not including: Fica, Futa, Suta, bene, Workcomp, o/t)

Monthly payment on $40,000

( Based on 60 month lease, you own on 61st month)


One Employee paycheck

$14 x 40 hours

$ 560 weekly 

1 Month payroll expense

$ 2,408.00

Monthly lease

$ 872.00

$ 1,124

1 Year payroll expense 

$ 29,120.00

1 year lease

$ 10,464.00

$ 18,656

5 Year payroll expense 


5 Year lease



* $ 93,280.00 direct to bottom line of your company! use your own figures, reduce your work staff by 3! Now what does your bottom line look like?