Wuko Uni Bender 2200

Hand power and economical. The world's smallest brake. Wuko Tools
Wuko mini metal brakes for bending sheet metal up to 90 degreesWuko Uni Bender metal brakes, metal brakes for curved metal, fascia brakeWuko Uni Bender 2200 forming metal, bending metal, mini metal brakes

*The World's Smallest Brake* Uni like universal - the WUKO Uni Bender can be used for bending and forming in sheet metal fabrication, both for straight and curved pieces - for inner as well as outer radii. Technical Data: Max. bending height: 200 mm, 8.O in. Min. bending height: 5 mm / 0.2 in. Bending capacity: 0,80 mm / 0.031 in. (for all common materials) Weight: 1,4 kg / 3.1 lbs. Wuko Uni Bender with 2 rollers and smaller face plate. Best for inside radii. For outside radii, check out the Wuko Uni Bender 2202
First video is a quick demonstration.
Second video icon is the CURVED METAL FASCIA

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